Meet the Team

Paul Ratcliffe, Reserves Officer 

"I am the Reserves Officer for Queenswood Country Park and Arboretum. My duties include habitat, access, infrastructure and interpretation management, dealing with the public and supporting the work of our engagement team and other project work on the site, both within the arboretum and the wider ancient semi natural woodland. The work is carried out by volunteers, contractors and members of the reserves team. I manage the tree adoption scheme in the arboretum liaising with the Queenswood Coronation Fund who advise on the care and development of the tree collection.
I particularly enjoy being able to respond directly to issues that arise on the sites, whether it’s a member of the public trying to find an individual adopted tree or organising and carrying out tree work after storm damage."


Trevor Hulme, Reserves Officer

"I divide my time between Queenswood and Bodenham Lake nature Reserve, tackling a range of habitat management and maintenance tasks, as well as getting involved with some interesting project initiatives. We always make time to discuss site management with visitors who express an interest, and lead guided walks on a range of topics.

Ecological monitoring is an aspect of the work I find particularly interesting. This contributes to national surveys and to our local knowledge as well as helping to guide decisions about site management."


James Hitchcock, Estates Manager, Herefordshire Wildlife Trust

"I have a background in nature reserve management and came to Herefordshire excited about the opportunity to work on a site as public as Queenswood, working on visitor experience, site safety, habitat management, facilities and sustainability improvements.

It has been an exciting 2 years so far; we have seen much in the way of improvements to the way we manage site; but there is still much to do. Which is challenging and a fantastic opportunity for the site and the people of Herefordshire."  

Wendy Ogden, Queenswood and Bodenham Lake Sustainable Development Liason Officer

"I am delighted to be working for the Partnership to represent New Leaf Sustainable Development and support the Partnership aspiration for Queenswood and Bodenham Lake to be exemplars of sustainable living.

I have very much enjoyed being involved in the sustainability initiatives that are developing at on site. The potential for the challenges brought by climate change and environmental issues to be tackled in ways which increase our connectedness with nature and the communities around us excites and inspires me.

I worked in public finance and school business management for nearly 30 years, latterly as Business Director of an Academy Trust running six schools in Bristol, before leaving to pursue my long-term interest in the environmental and study for a Masters Degree in Environmental Management at the University of the West of England."

Liz Bunney, Visitor Centre Assistant

"I have recently retired from the Forestry Commission, where I headed up the district learning team, and I am now working a few hours a week working at the Queenswood Country Park visitor centre and shop. It is wonderful to find out first hand from our many visitors how much they really love this site.

I have recently bought a small area of woodland in the Teme Valley (sorry, over the county boundary in Worcestershire!) and know I am working for the right organisation when it comes to gaining tips to ensure I manage it to benefit wildlife!"