Bodenham Lake Habitat Management

Bodenham Lake (image: Herefordshire Council)

Bodenham Lake Nature Reserve is one of the most valued wildlife areas in the county. The new partnership will continue to manage the nature reserve sensitively, maintaining the status of the area as a ‘wildlife haven’. The community orchard will continue to be used for education events, and the Partnership will consider the reintroduction of sailing permits on the navigable section of the lake. None of these activities will be a departure from the historic management activities undertaken by Herefordshire Council.

The open water of Bodenham Lake is currently designated as a ‘Site of Local Importance’, and is afforded planning protection under Policy NC4 (Nature Conservation 4) of the current Unitary Development Plan (UDP). This UDP will be superseded by a new Local Development Plan (LDP), and the current Policy of NC4 will not be carried forward. NL/HWT will work hard to achieve a new Site of Local Importance for not just the Lake, but the surrounding habitat and community orchard – we hope for this to be integrated to the new LDP that comes out later in 2016.